Tastes Like Chicken (2014)

(pre-production. short)

big chicken


No Need to Make a Fuss

Aggie is about to turn 40. In order to find a more or less dignified way to cope with her impending birthday, Aggie meets with her “council of women”. First, her women heroes who she looks up to: gorgeous, elegant, agile and one who is not so much. She then turns to her best friends who give her their advice ranging from not surviving a stroke, the morals behind a crocodile teriyaki dish, and the benefits of working out. As Aggie contemplates her options she manages to trim them down to two: a) throw a party; or b) have a nervous breakdown. While not a ‘spring chicken’ anymore, Aggie is going to have to learn how to navigate the trenches of mid-life womanhood.

Tastes Like Chicken, tastes more like salted caramel cream donuts with bacon bits and a side of mash potatoes: improbable, absurd, guilt ridden yet delightfully funny and uncannily sensible.  Aggie is not going uphill without a fight. Her self inspection It is a testament to women’s resilience, camaraderie, rock solid logic, and full of beneficial advice about everything there is to know about.

Glue (2012)

Glue (2012) - Poster SOHO (JPEG)


 Love Will Bind Us Together

Tom’s job is not as demanding as he would like his wife, Sophie, to believe. He is working ‘overtime’, but it’s the mundane one that constitutes an affair. When Tom is nervous that Sophie might be suspicious, he decides to come home early and finds that Sophie has changed the banality of their relationship with a single tube of glue.

Glue has all the ingredients of a modern fairytale: love, betrayal, fantasy, and a sleeping husband who needs awakening by an adventurous wife.

The movie is based on the short story, Crazy Glue, written by renowned, multiple award winning Israeli writer and director, Etgar Keret.


I Liked You Better Before (2010)



Instant Beautification Transformations

Inspired by televangelists, carnival sideshow and the ‘Lobotomobile’, I Liked You Better Before tells the story of a band of charlatans who travel through rural Canada performing plastic surgery procedures in their Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit. Led by the charismatic Barker, who is equal parts Mad Hatter and snake oil salesman, townsfolk are offered ‘five procedures for the price of one’ as instant beautification transformations are performed by the bearded board-certified surgeon, “Dr. Lady”. ‘The heavy, the homely, the unfortunate” line up to be swindled out of their life savings in exchange for the promised salvation.

Arithmetic – Annie’s Life in Numbers (2009)



One is be the loneliest number, but it’s compromise-free

Arithmetic is Annie’s story. At a young age, Annie receives a pet fish that meets an untimely death. She burns her journal when she discovers The Diary of Anne Frank. She has issues with yoga and feminism, and stand-offs with dictators and university grads brandishing degrees she doesn’t care for. She makes New Year’s resolutions she’s sure she can keep, deals with her overbearing mom and a methodical dental hygienist , and lies with such rigour and discipline that it’s virtually moral.

Tying the Not (2007)

Tying The Not Poster

Marriage is not for Everyone

No one believes Zoë when she says she doesn’t want to get married. She knows everyone assumes it is her longtime partner, Kyle, who refuses to wed. Out of her charitable heart and her profound belief “that everyone needs to make a complete fool of themselves at least once”, she comes up with a brilliant plan to prove everyone right. What’s more, she has the perfect timing, venue and the dress to execute her outrageous plan: the wedding of her best friend, Emily, who unwittingly chose her as her bridesmaid.